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My complete existence has been dominated by 1 easy issue, “How did all of this commence”? By all of this I of training course am referring to our whole universe. I have pondered this query for in excess of 25 several years, and I am 31 many years outdated now. Science was often my preferred topic. when I was expanding up. I employed to commit several hours in high faculty speaking about my personal thoughts and theories with my science instructors right after school. I ongoing to do so even when I attended the College. I learned the three most popular and approved theories of the day. The most well-known of which is the Big Bang Theory. The only credit I am inclined to give the Huge Bang Concept is that it is feasible, nevertheless inconceivable it might be. What retains the Huge Bang Idea alive is that there appears to be scientifically confirmed evidence that details to it as the 1 and only clarification. I would argue that all of the extremely identical evidence that seemingly supports the Massive Bang could also assist other speculation. The 1 sticking point for me is the “Just before Time period”. What existed prior to the singularity exploded? Where did all of that strength occur from? We are talking, soon after all, about all of the energy contained inside of all of the matter in the universe as well as all the cost-free power traversing this expanse. The Oscillating Universe Theory is nice, but it suffers the very same problem assuming there at any time really was a commencing. If the universe has always existed then it is a plausible principle. The exact same holds correct for the Continual Condition Universe Concept. The idea that the universe has always existed, and will always exist as it has forever and at any time. The only change in this model is the distances amongst galaxies, and other objects raises with new matter being created so that the universe proceeds to seem the very same in all directions The massive difficulty with this principle is that we know the universe is not unchanging. It is expanding and does change. We know that stars explode, exhaust their gas and fade absent, or crush by themselves down into a singularity. This universe we reside in is a extremely dynamic area. Galaxies collide, solar techniques collide, planets and moons, and a complete host of objects can smash into one one more at any moment. All of it dancing to the gravitational music of the heavens. All of which points to anything but a constant condition.

What I am about to suggest in this paper is an notion that I have dwelled on for years. It is a idea that I feel in, and has served me arrive to a better comprehending of our universe. It also goes over and above the sticking level of, “What came prior to”. In my impression there are only two current theories that make feeling. There is my concept of the nothing at all universe and there is the theory of God. No issue how tough I rack my brain I just are not able to appear to any other conclusion. Possibly my concept is correct, the correct concept has not been written, or God is accountable for every thing. These had been the alternatives I gave myself, and for now I am heading to adhere with my conclusions. My goal now is to share my principle with the planet, and hope that it is a great a single. I imagine that this concept neatly ties jointly all of the get rid of ends of existence. I also think that it is each and every little bit as great as the Massive Bang Concept. With a obvious comprehension of our beginnings, we will be in a position to acquire complete perception into the internal workings of our fact. I would also like to add that I refer to my hypothesis as a principle since I imagine most, if not all, of the evidence in support of the Massive Bang can also be used to help my speculation.

The Nothing at all Universe

We are all acquainted with our human notion of absolutely nothing. When a bottle is vacant, we say “Absolutely nothing is in it”. We know that this is not really the situation. What we are referring to is the reality that what we considered must be in the bottle is no more time there. In purchase for practically nothing to genuinely be in the bottle, the bottle by itself would have to include a vacuum. A vacuum is the full absence of subject. This would be a ideal vacuum. Area is not a best vacuum, and it is difficult to say if a perfect vacuum can even exist. Irrespective a vacuum is the real principle of nothing at all, but it is not the correct kind of nothing at all. What I am declaring is that our idea of nothing at all and the correct form of nothing are two diverse items. The true condition of practically nothing is neutrality. A harmony in between charges in a completely arranged atom. This excellent atom I have named the Practically nothing Atom. This practically nothing atom is composed of each matter and anti subject particles joined together and separated by neutrons. The absolutely nothing atom is composed of the proton, the neutron, the electron, as properly as their anti subject counterparts. They are all locked collectively and retained from destroying every other by neutrons. I do not know the exact arrangement of these particles in this best atom, but that is irrelevant. All that is crucial is the concept that they are all locked jointly in this one particular ideal Nothing Atom. The electron and the positron do not annihilate each and every other, due to the fact they occupy different orbital lobes. Once again, I do not totally comprehend the actual arrangement of this atom only that it existed. What ever the perfect arrangement is, this perfectly neutral Absolutely nothing Atom is the only point that existed in the pre-universe and composed infinity fully. No free spce existed amongst these atoms. There was no movement and there for no time, but we can use the concept of infinity to give us an thought of the state of the universe up till the point of the function.

So now we have the excellent practically nothing universe composed fully of the neutral and ideal Nothing Atom. All vitality is locked up tight in the sort of particles creating up this nothing at all universe. This is the state of the pre-universe (Nothing at all Universe) in all instructions to infinity. Now, listed here will come the significant dilemma of my idea. Maybe it was Nuclear Fission or some unidentified process native to this one distinct kind of issue? Kampus Milenial Something had to occur in just 1 of these excellent Nothing at all Atoms to trigger it to destabilize starting a chain reaction. Is the Nothing Atom a really large aspect, inwhich fission would make perception or is it smaller and some other reaction took place? Of this I am not certain. What I do know is that something had to produce a destabilization of a single of the particles within the atom to lead to an irreversible chain reaction that would direct to the start of the recognized universe. I refer to this as the Event.

The Event

The occasion represents the actual second when the response commenced, and our universe began to develop inside this sea of atoms. Considering that the laws of physics do not exist, as of yet it is difficult for me to point out conclusively that nuclear fission lead to the occasion. Spontaneous fission tends to be less typical among lighter components. If it is dependable then the absolutely nothing atom is most probably a heavier element. If not then some other procedure experienced to cause the event. Whatever the circumstance may be, I have arrive up with a idea to explain why it experienced to occur based on the idea of chance. Statistically talking, one particular would have to assume that when you are working with infinity the chance of one particular occasion occurring is a single in infinity. That is to say that if an function can arise, even so improbable a opportunity even now exists for its occurrence when infinity is taken into thought. As one particular of my former geology professors, Dr. Eastler, utilized to say, “It failed to have to happen, but it had to take place.” When this 1 neutral Absolutely nothing atom destabilized, it set into motion a chain reaction that would direct to the best single explosion that will at any time happen in the history of truth. Some may possibly call it “the Big Bang”, I contact it “The Event”.

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